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Welcome to Honey Meadow Farm! Our desire to create a small "hobby farm" comes from the combination of our lifelong love of organic gardening and long commitment to holistic beekeeping. We understand that everything in nature is related, that healthy soil is the basis for healthy fruit and vegetables and provides a sustainable habitat for honeybees, native pollinators, beneficial insects and other “critters” that in turn benefit our orchard and gardens.

This website is the story of our efforts to create an environmentally sensitive “hobby farm” that gives us purpose, exercise and sustenance throughout our retirement years (plus a place for our long coat German Shepherds to romp and play). Enjoy!

– Gayla and John Snowdon

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Welcome to 2017, I think...

I hope your holidays were as joyous as ours and you are enjoying the new year.

Just a note to say that we will not have any bees available for sale this year. While every hive is currently buzzin' as I write this (just checked) I hope to increase the size of our apiaries to better support our customers and add more hives to our out yards this spring. To do so means we'll need everything we can produce for 2017.

May I suggest googling Warm Colors Apiaries, Mike Palmer or Troy Hall to see if they have packages or nucs available.


Gayla and John

January 26, 2017


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